Aphis (Aphis) citricola in Schmidt S, Monje J C. Taxon list of Hymenoptera from Germany compiled in the context of the GBOL project. Staatliche. Species Aphis citricola Van Der Goot, contains: Subordinate Taxa, Rank, Verified Standards Met, Verified Min Standards Met, Unverified, Percent. An examination of the original material of Aphis citricola v.d. Goot, a species described in from Chile but later erroneously sunk and eventually widely.

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Indian Journal of Agricultural Research, 29 4: In Henan Province, China, holocyclic populations occur on apple, with overwintering as eggs in bud axils.

Formosan Entomologist, 21 4: Title Cauda and siphunculi Caption Aphis spiraecola Spirea aphid ; apterous vivipara, cauda and siphunculi. A new species of Aphelinus Hymenoptera: Impact of alternative insect management programs on the predatory arthropod complex of green apple aphids.

They suggested that the widespread pest aphid on citrus and other trees and shrubs should therefore revert to the name used for it formerly: In addition to being a pest of fruit orchards, A. Aphididae in Europe – new information on their distribution, molecular and morphological peculiarities. Datasheet Aphis spiraecola Spirea aphid. First record of Aphis citricola van der Goot Homoptera: Eastop and Hille Ris Lambers listed synonyms but under the name citricola van der Groot.

Notes on Natural Enemies Top of page All nymphal stages and adults are parasitized by the major parasitoids of A. Journal of Asia Pacific Entomology, 6 2: In the Mediterranean region, the first small colonies on new citrus growth occur by early February. Anais da Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil, 5 2: In addition, you’ll find detailed information about integrated pest management, pesticide safety, and pesticide application and calibration techniques.


Insecta Summary of Invasiveness A. Drenching of nursery plants with dimefox has also been recommended Heinze, Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique d’Egypte, No.

synonym Aphis (Aphis) citricola: Aphid Species File

Further complication has arisen in the Far East through A. Aphidoidea on avocado, persimmon and macadamia. This aphid has spread to many new regions during the twentieth century and it is now widespread. Vienna, 8thth October Parasitized aphids die or stop producing offspring, but no further parasites are produced from mummies.

Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. Population dynamics of aphids Aphididae: Modic S; Urek G, Some samples may require further examination or culture work nominal fee involved at the U of IL Plant Clinic.

Aphids feed on young buds, shoots and leaves of host plants Blackman and Eastop, Overwintering of aphids on citrus trees. La presencia de afidos en las plantaciones citricolas de Honduras. The molecular approaches clearly distinguished two groups corresponding to the morphologically defined sphis.

Biological control of A. Studies on integrated control in a newly established citrus orchard in Cukurova.

Aphelinus spiraecolae was first described by Evans et al. Aphididae – a new pest on apple in Bulgaria. Aphis spiraecola Patch Homoptera: History of Introduction and Spread Top of page A. During warm weather, the aphid gives birth to live young that are all females.


On distorted tips of shoots, several leaves can be rolled together. Canadian Entomologist, 5: Species Vectored Top of page Alfalfa mosaic virus alfalfa yellow spot Citrus psorosis B citrus scaly bark Citrus tristeza virus citrus tristeza Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus Cucumber mosaic virus cucumber mosaic Maize dwarf mosaic virus dwarf mosaic of maize Papaya ringspot virus Peanut stunt virus peanut stunt Plum pox virus sharka Potato virus Y potato mottle Watermelon mosaic virus watermelon fitricola Zucchini yellow mosaic virus.

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This publication may be purchased at your local University aphiw Illinois Extension Unit office, or by callingor by placing an order online search for “C”. Cole described two significant predators on Spiraea in Florida, USA, the coccinellid Scymnus cervicalis and the agromyzid Leucopis americana, and a number of citricoal on citrus, most importantly Olla oculata, Hippodamia covergens and two syrphid species in the genus Baccha.

Kokhreidze described a natural enemy complex on citrus in the Republic of Georgia, where predators made the main contribution to keeping aphid numbers in check.

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