In this intelligently argued and principled book, internationally renowned Third World environmentalist Vandana Shiva exposes the latest frontier of the North’s. Book review. Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and. Knowledge. PETE BSUMEK. Few scientific terms have resonated with our culture like the term ` biodiversity’. Biopiracy. The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge. by Vandana Shiva are being allowed to expropriate natural processes and traditional forms of knowledge.

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EngelPeter Baker and Timothy Naftali. Dec 01, Dr. Grace’s justification for the patents hinges on a claim that their modernized extraction processes constitute a genuine innovation: The Board argued that neem materials had been in extensive use in India for various purposes since time immemorial, without any known deleterious effects.

Biopiracy by Vandana Shiva | : Books

Again to the subject of violence: May 15, Zrinka rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

But it was not just the politics bothered me.

Nov 11, Matteo rated it liked it Shelves: Shiva writes with polemical fury about the dangers of intellectual property rights over life forms. The nature of this violence has changed, but has the same roots and is ad through all three waves. You want ammunition to win the argument that all these acronyms are evil?

This novelty, however, exists mainly in the context of the ignorance of the West. Columbus set a precedent when he treated the license to conquer non-European peoples as a natural right knowledye European men.

Grace of the United States, three by another U. I only recently read her for the first time and had my giant activist-writer crush, but Biopiracy might have been even better.

Reader Comments Your name will be published Your email address will not be published Your comment Type the letters appearing in the box below. Chandler rated it it was amazing. Should be read by everyone, since the issue does concern all of us. In this intelligently argued and principled book, internationally renowned Third World environmentalist Vandana Shiva exposes the latest frontier of the North’s ongoing assault against the South’s biological and other resources.


Vandana Shiva does not provide this comparison, but she does create elaborate arguments on why these tools of transnational corporations, int “Biopiracy is the Columbian ‘discovery’ years after Columbus. Featuring a new introduction by the author, this edition of Biopiracy is a learned, clear, and passionately stated objection to the ways in which Western businesses are being allowed to expropriate natural processes and traditional forms of knowledge.

The peoples and nations that were colonized did not belong to natude pope who ‘donated’ them, yet this canonical jurisprudence made the christian monarchs of Europe naturd of all nations, ‘wherever they might be found and whatever creed they might embrace.

In some parts of India, the new year begins with eating the tender shoots of the neem tree. Sep 18, Isaac rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This is such a key insight on the intrinsic connection between violence and capitalism, the ways that violence against nature is mirrored by and indivisible from violence against society.

Sep 06, B rated it it was ok. The creativity of modern scientists in university of corporate laboratories who find ways to use living organisms to generate profits.

Vandana Shivas attentions were quickly drawn towards ecological concerns. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Oct 19, Nic Paget-Clarke rated it it was amazing.

Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge

The production boundary is a political construct that excludes regenerative, renewable production cycles from the domain of production…When economies are confined to the marketplace, self-sufficiency in the economic domain is seen as economic deficiency. First, it does not reproduce itself, whereas by definition seed is a regenerative resource…Second, it does not produce by itself: If you are interested, or better yet, concerned about what lab science means for the freedom of nature, read this.


I don’t quite know why I am so fascinated by its beginnings, but so I am. Apr 27, Melissa rated it did not like it Shelves: And that is valid, just as important as the ethical stuff. It makes us forget that living organisms organize themselves. Common knowledge and use of neem were the primary reasons given by the Indian Central Insecticide Board for not registering neem products under the Insecticides Act of What was self-organized was considered wild, out of control, and uncivilized.

Biopiracy is the Columbian ‘discovery’ years after Columbus. Too many plain wrong facts to support unstable arguments. Anv, here, breaks down Western reductionist views of women and nature and describes how this view enables the West to plunder the “third world” and appropriate indigenous knowledge–then claim patents and intellectual property rights.

Sep 24, Bart rated it really liked it. Clear, provocative and simply inspiring. I’m going to be a little sneaky and start with the summation I only recently read her for the first time and had my nathre activist-writer ppunder, but Biopiracy might have been even better.

So are many others, luckily, and the intro really gets into it– ‘Piracy Through patents: Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. After some research into this author’s background I will not be reading any more of her books.

Jaime Harrison and Amos Snead. The patriarchal construct of the passivity of earth and the consequent creation of the colonial category of land as terra nullius served two purposes: An important book that should be read by anyone wanting to understand the global threat posed by the technological biopjracy of organisms, cells, and molecules and by their exploitation for profit.

Private entrepreneurs, too, have launched neem pesticides, such as Indiara.

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