ASTM D, Bearing Capacity of Soils for Static Load & Spread Footings – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. In each increment; the load stays static for 15 minutes according to ASTM D 94 specification. The results showed that the plate settlements of the soil under. ASTM: D AASHTO: T Apparatus. Loading platform of sufficient size and strength to supply the estimated load. Hydraulic or mechanical.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. This test is just restricted to less deep or shallow depths; this test is usually in general performed in open excavation.

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E1194 plate bearing load test shall be discontinued if any of the following occurs: Plate load test is a type of test which is astk on a model foundation.

d11994 The subsidence induced by the ground plate are simultaneously detected by centesimal or digital data acquisition systems, integral with a frame of reference outside the area of influence of the applied load. The applied load shall be measured using calibrated electronic load cell.

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For bearing plates, three circular steel bearing plates, not less than 25mm in thickness and varying in diameter from mm to mm including the minimum and maximum diameter specified or square steel bearing plates of equivalent area. The load test consists in transmitting to the soil to be tested and the subsequent increasing load increments, detecting simultaneously the sagging and therefore allows to directly determine a form of deformation or compressibility of the soil.


The details of equipment including the certificates of instrument and copies of calibration charts from approved agency and setup for conducting the plate load c1194 shall be submitted for the approval by the Engineer before commencement of the test.

Pages Privacy Policy Say Hello! The reference beam and measuring devices should be protected from the direct rays of the sun and from wind by means of tarpaulins or other forms of ast, to minimize errors of measurement which can easily arise from these causes.

NEW! Static plate load tester HMP PDGpro according to ASTM D1194/1195/1196, DIN 18134

But in Europe an alternative method is used instead of it, the method of screw plates test which was developed in Europe and is now aztm there. Precise leveling optical survey to accuracy of 0. Plate Load testing is usually used for the verification of the bearing capacity of the land of the substrate, of the foundation layer and the satm layer of the flooring, although it is not uncommon to its use to investigate the bearing capacity of the soil surface or to the state compaction of granular materials and road surfaces.

The Settlement-Recording Devices, such as dial gauges should be able to measure to an accuracy of at least 0.

Plate Bearing Test | Plate Load Testing – Site Testing Services LTD

Of fundamental importance, in any case, is the use of the proper contrast medium whose mass is a function of the expected load.

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In addition to the continuous listing of all time, load, and settlement data for each test, the report shall include at least the followings:. The plate load test shall be carried out at locations as shown in the drawings or as directed by the Engineer using approved equipment.

The Hydraulic or Mechanical Jack Assembly should have sufficient capacity to provide and maintain the maximum estimated load but not less than 50 tons in any case. Submit your article or Ask any query.

Humboldt Plate Bearing Tester

Miscellaneous Apparatus required, s1194 loading columns, steel shims, and other construction tools and equipment required for preparation of the test pits and loading apparatus.

In rock, plates larger than mm diameter may be used, depending on the jointing frequency. This test can be used in the design of pavements and in the settlement analysis of the foundations, as it provides the modules for the sub grade reactions.

The advantage of this test is that it is useful at any depth in the bore holes. As xstm alternative, three small concrete footings of the size mentioned or larger can be cast in-situ. Such footing must adtm a depth of not less than two thirds of their width. The load transmission takes place via the application of a force by means of a hydraulic system of thrust, of a circular plate.