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I was excited to have the chance to update the US forces in Overlord.

Login Register Battlefront Miniatures The new Overlord brings these all into the fold, along with several new forces. Purchase these Items Products mentioned in this Article. This means we have added options to field motorised Panzergrenadiers and Panzerpioniers.

We have also added divisional appropriate extra options like armoured panzergrenadiers without the Panzer Lehr Tank-hunter teams, and Panzer II L Luchs light tanks for 9.

We also had to cover the two divisions assigned to man most of these defences. One last interesting thing concerned lfames 70th Tank Battalion.

This division was the first American seaborne force to hit the beach on D-Day.

Not only do the Armoured Recce Squadrons get a limited reconnaissance capability that reflects their attempts to lead the British advances, but there are also four different Armoured Car Squadrons and an infantry Recce Squadron. Just make sure you bring your Pioneer Supply Trucks so help breach enemy defences or lay down some of your own. Introduction to Battlefront Contact. So, things like Shermans have had a points reduction to bring them into line with current books. One was to qar bring all the points and rules to be in line Version 3 Flames O War and secondly to take the opportunity to improve the design of some of the Intelligence Briefings and to add atlantiwkall few things we regretted leaving out of the original compilation.


Flames of War – Atlantik Wall Hardcover Book 3rd Edition FW114

We have simplified the options, as in most cases limiting who can take what is now covered by the fact the briefings cover five divisions. Assembling the 76mm or 57mm Guns. Instead of supplying a bunch aar trench lines we have simply made it so a force with Field Fortifications simply starts a game in Prepared Positions. Overlord features four new US divisions using the existing companies in the book.

FOW Lists: Atlantik Wall

Assembling The Panzer II. Product News Special Announcements. Your cart is empty. They were tough fighters with a solid reputation, however in Flames Of War they have always been seen as the poor cousins of the British Commandos, upon which they were originally patterned.

While they may seem like the same old books, I assure you there is a lot of new and exciting content for your Normandy forces.

Flames of War – Atlantik Wall Hardcover Book 3rd Edition FW | eBay

This meant the options had to cover a variety of bunker, nest and weapon combinations to match the variations atlxntikwall the strongpoints facing the Normandy landing beaches. We wanted to make these easier to use and understand, and to integrate the fortifications within the platoons.

To take it a step further, the 4th Armored Division trained harder than most armoured divisions sar the US army and hit the beaches as a highly proficient fighting force. The addition of Minefields and Machine-gun Nests makes the force even tougher on defence whilst it can still be supported by the usual anti-tank guns, Tigers, Panthers and heavy artillery!


In the new Rifle Company it is now possible to field a more versatile mix of armour, including Breaching Groups with Crab mine-clearing flails and AVRE engineering tanks The Tank Company has been reorganised to allow its Churchill tanks to operate in half squadrons, as well as matching the organisation of the period better with a mix of 75mm and 6 pdr tanks with the improved anti-tank capability in each platoon.

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Your cart is empty. The Panzergrenadierkompanie The Panzergrenadierkompanie pairs up the benefits of being rated as an Infantry Company with the option to have transport for your infantry should you need to attack. Learn more about the Normandy compilations; Overlord and Atlantik Wall here We have also expanded the number and types of company who can take Field Fortifications to include armoured infantry and engineers, as well as infantry and motorised infantry.

Want to know more? Wayne spearheaded the effort on Atlantik Wall, so he will talk about that book, while Phil covers the British and Canadians, and I will have a look at the US forces in Overlord.

Even more so than the tanks, the armoured car regiments did things their own way.