Hindutva: Who is a Hindu? is an pamphlet by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Originally published under the title Essentials Of Hindutva in , it was retitled . And later the Hindu Mahasabha took it as its official definition of Hindutva. When Savarkar was freed from prisons in all Hindus rallied around him under. Hindutva [V.D. Savarkar] on by V.D. Savarkar (Author) . more about the meaning of Hindutva as defined by the great Veer Savarkar himself.

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Goyal, Des Raj Chandbaradai almost on the eve of the defection of Hameer, approaches the Goddess Durga and opens his prayer so pathetic and so patriotic thus — After having narrated the fateful results of the battle and the consequent plot that enabled Shahabuddin to strike Prithviraj dead, the poem ends with paying a last touching tribute to the fallen Hindu Emperor — It is remarkable that although the word Bharat ap- pears often in the Raso in the sense of Mahabharat, yet it seldom if ever, is used in the sense of Bharatvarsha.

And yet great as the glories of the English world are, what on the whole, has it to show to match the glories of the Hindu world?

The movement for Dravida Nadu was at its height from the s to s, it failed to find any support outside Tamil Nadu. We will, therefore, protect our religion and for that we would even lose our lives.

The subject of a Uniform Civil Code, which would remove special religion-based provisions for different religions Hindus, Muslims, Christians, etc.

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We are not only a nation but a Jati, a born brotherhood. Savarkar ideas of Unified identity under the Hindutva says “Everyone who is born in India, should acknowledge the facts of roots of India itself. I had no hinudtva to publish a new edition and the demand was not so much as to pay the expenses of printing!


When the siege at Jinji was pressing the Maratha forces to try their best to break through it an attempt was made to win over the Marathas in the services of the Moghal commander: We must lay aside our internal differences such as punishment of Raghoji and others.

Veer Savarkar: The man credited with creating Hindutva didn’t want it restricted to Hindus

Seventy Years of Secularism: My short review is The dethroned are enthroned and the enthroned is dethroned.

The Congressite poli- tical prisoners had special facilities which included writing materials. Let me sum the book up in these lines that a This is one of the most influential books of modern India.

Clean, clear and concise! Why is it that despite us never attacking any other civilization, we were constantly attacked? After them the rulers turned out to be quite effete and the Yavanas Mohammedans rose in power. Essential implications of Hindutva But throughout our inquiry we have been concerning ourselves more with what would have been or what should be. Thus, Hindutva will never be subdued, subjugated or shamed into a corner. Some of us were Vanaras and some Kinnaras ; but Vanaras or Naras — we are all Hindus and own a common blood.


It is not only fatal but futile. Mehul rated it liked it Dec 29, Travelling widely, Savarkar became a forceful orator and writer, advocating Hindu political and social unity.

Several projects have been initiated in order to clean Ganga. To try to prevent the commingling of blood is to build on sand.

The name that associates and identifies our nation with a river like that, enlists nature on our side and bases our national life on a foundation, that is, so for as human calculation are concerned, as lasting as eternity. From that to the concentration camps is only a minor step. Aryawarta as defined by the ancient writers was the land that lay between the Himalayas and the Vindhya.

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Hindutva – Wikipedia

Our land is so vast and yet so well-knit, so well demarcated from others and yet so strongly entrenched that no country in the world is more closely marked out by the fingers of nature as a geographical unit beyond cavil or criticism, as also is the name Hindusthan or Hindu that it has come to bear.

As the growth and development of this our genuine national tongue vfer parallel to and almost simultane- ous with the revival and popularization of the ancient names Sindhusthan or Sindhus or Hindusthan or Hindus it was but a matter of course that language being the common possession of the whole nation should be call- ed Hindusthani or Hindi.

When this was not accepted, he resigned from hinutva party and founded a new political party in collaboration with the RSS. This book is not for communists Keep drinking that xavarkar brew comrade and this book is not for muslims tauba!

Voice of India, Delhi, You know what you face in muslim majority areas, you know the affinity of islam with himdutva, hell, even its sole savarkaar of terrorism worldwide They are not onLy a Nation 65 but also a race-jati And now everything has been restored to us under the benign and illustrious auspices of Shrimant Peshve owing to the astuteness and valour of Patil Boa. But achievements as great if not greater and things as holy and more politic and statesmanly had gone before them and indeed enabled them to be what they were.

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