match book for kiffe kiffe demain english translation. Tue, 16 Oct GMT match book for kiffe kiffe pdf – Kiffe Demain. Livre French Edition is wrote by . Read free book excerpt from Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow by Faïza Guène, page 1 of 4. think of all the girls who get pregnant their first time, without even meaning to. 14 Jan I came across Faïza Guène’s Kiffe kiffe demain translated as Just Like network and followers to find an English translation for many locations.

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Translated, it’s a very easy read, basically YA, though for a reader of French around A-Level standard, the slang will take a bit of getting used to.

And I find it very interesting as an example of inner emotions changing rapidly – seeing in action the stuff covered by the scholarly field of the history of emotions I referred to the other day in reviewing Lucy Worsley’s Jane Austen at Home. Please combine Kiffe kiffe demain 3 Aug 17, The book femain also interesting due to its young author, herself a child of Algerian immigrants who grew up in the projects outside Paris.

Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow

There is love in her mother and friends, and she ends cemain with a teenage love. He’s one of those people who think illiteracy is like AIDS. This is the story of a young Algerian girl who lives in the slums surrounding Paris.

Her entire perception of the world was full of complaints about everything, it’s not until we’re over halfway through the book that she begins to show real emotion and it just made me so angry. GlasguensisNov 5, Kkffe sweet confection of teenage angst by a Algerian descent teenager living in the projects outside of Paris.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: May 17, Meaghan rated it it was ok Shelves: Born in France of Algerian parents, and growing up in a northern suburb of Paris, she writes from the heart of a challenging suburb, in a part of the city that few from the outside know about and about which little is written in literature. The main character was conventionally sassy in a funny way – but, again, nothing particularly worth writing home about… and the ending was a little cheesy for me….


kif-kif demain , Kiffe Kiffe demain

She has a black sense of humour, a strong moral transkation, and wonderful powers of observation. The voice of the young girl is sometimes angry but it is an anger that is directed to the injustices that are commited around her, and to the people who treat her like an outsider and an unimportant ttranslation, so the anger is very justifiable Nabil le nul qui lui donne des cours particuliers et en profite pour lui voler son premier baiser.

That jerk didn’t even think about what he was saying, didn’t even ask himself why her signature might be weird. How stupid is that?

Written in the no nonsense a bit rash style of a teenager the book grabs you from beginning to end. Maybe I’d do ice dancing, but not in those cheapskate local competitions where you win chocolate medals translatkon T-shirts. View all 6 comments. It always makes me laugh when she says it as she complains about some chronic problem. The reading around the world book will be a good collection when it is released in book form I am sure.

A fresh look on immigration and on surviving even in difficult conditions. I love the stream of consciousness technique, so I will consider reading this book in the future. The title of the actual novel is “Kiffe Kiffe demain” but it is the expression kif-kif which means same old, same old. Sa mere d’abord, femme de menage dans un Formule 1 de Bagnolet et soleil de sa vie. Quick read, and not boring-per-se, but I didn’t really think that the book was particularly insightful.

Elle vit seule avec sa mere dans une cite de Livry-Gargan depuis que son pere est parti un matin dans un taxi gris trouver au Maroc une femme plus jeune et plus feconde. Doria a 15 ans, un sens aigu de la vanne, une connaissance encyclopedique de la tele, et des reves qui la reveillent.


kif-kif demain , Kiffe Kiffe demain | WordReference Forums

I read a post on her blog talking about the effect of a BBC interview that got picked up worldwide, resulting in 42, hits on her blog in one day And that was after she had completed the project! This one, I really should have read in French, I think it may have been been more interesting to read the French version with its teenage slang.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I am headoverheels in love with this novel! Subject-wise, it technically has that realist ‘worthiness’ characteristic of the IFFP – it’s about an impoverished French-Moroccan teenage girl living on a tough estate on the outskirts of Paris – but it’s not in the least dry, so ‘worthy’ wasn’t an adjective that occurred to me until afterwards.

For all the adolescent POV, the novel is refreshingly unself-centered. Their relationship transslation the best thing of all. Il se mariera sans les inviter? The character of Doria is utterly compelling – belligerant yet vulnerable; cynical yet heart-breakingly naive – I would have happily spent twice the length of the book again inside her head.

A compelling peek into a world that I knew nothing about.

Un roman plein de seve et d’humour. Nov 26, Drew rated it it was ok Shelves: This book is basically perfect. Your name or email address: Postcards from my Bookshelf will be published by Harvill Secker in Share This Page Tweet. Fifteen-year-old Doria lives alone with her illiterate mother, abandoned by a father who is seeking a younger, more fertile wife in his birthplace, Morocco.

Want to Read saving…. Jul 25, Nafiza rated it liked it Shelves: