Podologia equina, Artigas. 71 likes. trabalho en podologia equina cel. / Buy ELEMENTOS DE PODOLOGIA EQUINA Y HERRADO CORRECTIVO ( Spanish Edition) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Veja grátis o arquivo ultrassom joelho equino enviado para a disciplina de Podologia Equina Categoria: Outros – 29 –

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Please note that non-commissioned pooled analyses of podolobia published research will not be considered. The submitting author takes responsibility for the article during submission and peer review. Files can be submitted as a batch, or one by one.

Elementos de Podologia Equina y Herrado Correctivo : Hugo Alberto Funtanillas :

All revised articles must be uploaded with: The manuscript can then be located under “Unsubmitted Manuscripts” and you can click on “Continue Submission” to continue your submission when you choose to. BMC — Veterinary Research. Any labelling should be should be in Arial font, with size selected as appropriate.

Please note that BMC Veterinary Research levies an article-processing charge on all accepted Research articles; if the submitting author’s institution is a BioMed Central member the cost of the article-processing charge may be covered by the membership see About page for detail. Enviado por Cintia flag Denunciar. If, however, it is not possible to resubmit within this time frame, please contact the Editorial Office jane evj.

After print publication, the DOI remains valid and can continue to be used to cite and access the article. Instructions for authors Research articles Criteria Research articles should report on original primary research, but may report on systematic reviews of published research provided they adhere to the appropriate reporting guidelines which are detailed in our Editorial Policies.


Word only; A4, Page set up can be as portrait or landscape as appropriate; top and bottom margins 3. Submission process Manuscripts must be submitted by one of the authors of the manuscript, and should not be submitted by anyone on their behalf. If you require assistance then click the Get Help Now link that appears at the top right of every ScholarOne Manuscripts page. See below for examples of word processor and graphics file formats that can be accepted for the main manuscript document by the online.

These are used by the Editorial Office to match your article with appropriate reviewers.

Full instructions and support are available on the site and a user ID and password can be obtained on the first visit. Also, the e-mails should be received if the IT department adds our e-mail server uranus. To facilitate rapid publication and to minimize administrative costs, BMC Veterinary Research prefersonline submission.

If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail after 24 hours, please check your e-mail address carefully in the system. The error may be caused by podoloiga filtering software on your e-mail server. Information about accepted articles is submitted to indexing services as soon as they appear online. The maximum size of each individual supplementary item is 5Mb.

If your manuscript is accepted, this version will be uploaded to our Accepted Articles section. This service is not available with editorial material or for some supplements. Please note that the membership is only automatically recognised on submission if the submitting author is based at the member institution.


Locate your manuscript under “Revised Manuscripts in Draft” and click on “Continue Submission” to submit your revised manuscript. The submission process can be interrupted at any time; when users return to the site, they can carry eequina where they left off.

ultrassom joelho equino

Several small clips are preferable to one large movie. The Journal will inform you by e-mail once a decision has been made.

If the e-mail address is correct, please contact your IT department. This should be uploaded with the file designation ‘Clean Non-Blinded Copy’. If you prefer to pay by another method contact our Editorial Office jane evj.

The form can be filled in with credit card details and returned to the Editorial Office. This fee is waived if, during the Internal Editorial Assessment, it is decided the paper will not undergo further peer review.

This version will be sent out to poodlogia. Accepted articles are given a Digital Object Identifier DOIwhich allows the article to be cited and tracked before it is allocated to an issue. Povologia a manuscript has been submitted to EVJ via ScholarOne, the corresponding author will receive an email with a submission fee form attached.