28 Apr prem ras madiraDainya Madhuri(The Sweetness of Humbleness) Kishori mori, ab na lagao bar.A devotee is begging of Shri Radha, Oh. This is from the collection of devotional songs or pad kirtan in “Prem Ras Madira” on NiKunja Madhuri or the sweetness of the kunja or forest bower pastimes of.

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Kirti kunvari gaur tanu it, ut, shyamal Yashumati-bal ki. In order to attain this braj raseven the greatest paramhansas and gyanis like Shuka, Sanaka and others have descended in Braj in the form of creepers, plants and trees.

As avsar nar deha sudurlabh, milat na barambar. Gavat hi ghan barsan lage, bheejat dou sarkar. Lali-Lal dou dai garabahin, hamare hiye basana, mere Ghanshyam.

Where else will you find anyone as innocent and merciful? Nagari aru Nagar jhuki jhoomat, bhal galabahin dar. I wish to swing both of You in my heart on the swing of my deepest madir feelings. Gavat hi ghan barsan lage, bheejat dou sarkar. Barabas patitan deta prem ras, asa rasikan sarataj.

Prem Ras Madira (3 Vols)

Avasar chuki phiriya chourasi, kar meenjat pachhitat. Ut pahirey neelambar sohati, it peetambar dhar.

Gaur varani Vrishbhanu-nandini, neel varan rijhavar. As soon as they start this raga, the clouds begin to shower, and Shri Radha Krishna are getting drenched. It is so rare that it is unavailable even to the celestial gods, yet due to ignorance, you are wasting this precious birth by being enamoured of worthless material sense objects. A gopi during the descension period of Shri Krishna 5, years ago is lamenting and expressing her deep feelings of longing at being separated from Shri Krishna.


Science Of Healthy Diet. So ras piyat soi jo vako, nij tan man pranan haro. Contact Us Leave Feedback.

Garbahin deeney dou viharat, kunja-latan tamal ki. Maharani Radha thakurani, saras sukhada abhirama. Shri Krishna eternally engages in ever-new leelas of divine love, sometimes in Vrindaban, sometimes in Nidhivan, and sometimes in Gahavaravan.

Surrender to Shri Radha. Chhavi sorah singar itai ut, nat vapu vesh rasal ki. The swan has a mythical ability to drink milk alone out of the water. madiira

This same braj raswhich is unattainable even by madura Vedas and other scriptures, is being given freely by Shri Krishna to the illiterate Gopis. I surrender myself again and again to Shri Radha Krishna. These form the basis of these blissful, devotional chants recorded here. Shri Radha and Shri Krishna have placed Their arms around each others shoulders, and while swinging back and forth, They are bending and swaying in the intoxication of divine love.

I spend sleepless nights counting the stars and even one moment passes like an eternity.

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Prem Ras Madira | Bhakti Bliss

We will send you rae email with new posts. Divya Swarth BooksHindi. My Guru, who is always engrossed in the bliss of Shri Radha Krishna, is the true personification of divine love. This particular name has been chosen as a tribute to our beloved Spiritual Master, Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Mahraj and his greatest teaching.

Radha Madhav Dham

Barabas patitan deta prem ras, asa rasikan sarataj. We will send you an email with new posts.

Tu sovat kachu janat nahin, kal lagayo ghat. Shri Radha Krishna, the eternal Divine Couple, reside in my heart! This life lasts just a few days… Nar tanu sharad chandani beetey, puni andhiyari rat. In all directions, musical instruments are being played, and this tumultuous sound is not allowing anyone to hear the words of anyone else. Koti kalpa bhatakyo jyon shukar, vishtha vishaya majhar. Sab vidhi peem aju barsano, lakhi kotin vaikuntha lajayi. Kas mohin mohi ab, tadapavat bepir murari.

In the palace of King Vrishabhanu, beautiful music is being played to celebrate the birth of his daughter, Shri Radha.