Vinayagar Agaval is a devotional poem for lord of Ganesha. This Tamil poem was written by Avaiyar in 10th century for Pilaiyar perumaan. You can sing this. Check out Sri Vinayagar Agaval by on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on Product description. VINAYAGAR AGAVAL is a devotional sacred tamil poem written in the praise of Lord Ganesh. It was written in the fourteenth century by a.

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It clearly brings out the mastery of Avvaiyar in the Yoga, tantric practices and Saivism, possibly derived from the contribution of Sidhas in Tamil Nadu and the Tamil Nadu Saivism.

By agavval, the Vaishnavite tradition, following Vishnu and his incarnations as Krishna, Rama etc are popular in Northern India. Interleaved within the poem is the presence of Vinayaka, the breath taking God of new beginnings.

It is inconceivable that he acts in any other way than this mandate, because he is not separate from it. Vinayagar Agaval defines a religious path, part of the Tamil devotional tradition of Bhaktiwithin the Hindu philosophy of the Shaivite sect. Simultaneously vinayagad celebrates a new birth, her emergence from the womb of the God who holds the material universe in his belly.

Its application as a spiritual tool begins during concentration on a physical image of Ganesh and continues with the use of the Agaval’s description of Hindu spiritual belief and practice, and aspects of the teachings on human life attributed to the deity. Alternatively the Karmas are classified as those which are begun or undertaken arabdha and those which are latent, in seed form to appear later anarabdha. There are many references to her being a great Devotee of Lord Subrahmanya.

Vinayagar Agaval defines a religious path, part of the Tamil devotional tradition of Bhaktiwithin the Hindu philosophy of the Shaivite sect. The elephant symbolises strength and intelligence, the white elephant being a symbol of purity and luck. Boundless beatitude you have given me, ended all affliction, shown the way of grace: Paatha silambum palaIsai paada. Toy Soldier Bastion 1. Retrieved from ” http: The Chola dynasty, which emerged around the ninth century, went on to rule most of South India for the vinayagad four hundred years.

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The name Auvaiyar has been given to a number of important female poets, of whom three in particular stand out as literary giants. In the stanza above the poetess explains further her experience of the physical yoga tradition, which is first mentioned in the circa year old Rig Veda texts. But Auvaiyar now moves away from contemplation of external form and the material universe into her metaphysical journey.

The birth of a white elephant was said to bring a period of plenitude and abundance for a whole nation. Like all great poems, the Agaval speaks to us on many levels. Yet it is quintessentially Tamil.

The two fold Karma refers to the classification of Karma in Hindu scripture as on the one hand Karma of all the accumulated past, and on the other the Karma that is manufactured instantaneously in the process of living, and which will manifest as future lives.

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By clicking any link on this page vinayagzr are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Agavwl is so well known that we have omitted it here. And so, in keeping with traditions of Saivite sacred poetry the Vinayagar Agaval begins with contemplation of the jewelled feet of the god:. Again, Pranayama is considered to be an important technique for awakening the Kundalini. The lines above reiterate concepts from previous verses, but include references from earlier and older works from the Tantra and Saiva Siddhanta.


Tamilgun HD Tamil New: With that unfailing weapon, your glance, you have put an end to my heinous sins, The glance of the God is also called Darshan or grace. Wish-yielding elephant, born of the Master of Mystery in Mount Kailasa. He is addressed as Vinayagar he who removes obstacles or Pillayar in Tamil.

It is the wheel of Karma which ties Auvaiyar to this world agavao this is now snapped, freeing her.

The six yogic centres are the Chakras, there being six which are above the Muladhara, which represent the higher states of consciousness, the Muladhara or abode of Vinayaga being the dividing point between the higher and lower worlds. While the anklets on the cool sandal anointed feet Which has the colour of the red hibiscus flower, Sings various songs, while the golden waist belt, And his clothes as soft as flower, Shine in pretty and beautiful colours of the rainbow, While his box like paunch, weighty tusks Elephant like face, the saffron dot applied on it, Five hands and the goad and rope that he has, His blue body which attracted our mind, Hanging mouth, his four sets of shoulders, His three eyes, three trails of his feets, His two ears, his shining golden hair, His glowing broad chest wearing the holy thread, His divine knowledge of Thuriyahis mastery over words, Stood in awe at the wish giving elephant.


Vinayagar Agaval – Wikipedia

This prayer is an extremely popular one in Tamil Nadu. In Hindu theology as in Buddhism, the goal of the sequence of birth and deaths is to merge with God. Views Read Edit View history. It was written in the 10th agavzl during the Chola dynasty by the Tamil poet Avaiyarshortly before her death. Pranayama is complementary to the much more commonly practiced physical yoga of Asanas or postures.

It is worth noting that the Hindu Gods do not strictly have gender, encompassing both the male and female principles. Siva eternal at the core of sound, Siva linga within the heart, atom within atom, vast beyond all vastness, sweetness hid in the hardened node. The four states are waking, sleep, dream and turiya or pure consciousness gained in meditation. Avaiyar was one of the great female poets of ancient Tamil Nadu. And so the poem continues: Vinayagar Agaval defines a religious path, part of the Tamil devotional tradition of Bhakti, within the Hindu philosophy of the Shiite sect.

Retrieved from ” https: Hymns Ganesha Bhakti movement Hinduism stubs. It vinnayagar written in the 10th century during the Chola dynasty by the Tamil poet Avaiyar. And so, in keeping with vinagagar of Saivite sacred poetry the Vinayagar Agaval begins with contemplation of the jewelled feet of the god: